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Interesting Dreams…


I was in a cave with my Mom, Sister, and Wife. In a cavity about 4ft tall, just tall enough to not be hunched over when you’re sitting down, and about 5ft wide. As we’re sitting in this room, the girls are talking about ‘their life stories’ and stuff that I didn’t feel I had to be in the conversation for. ūüôā

So I decide to head down deeper in the cave.

After about 20ft beyond where I was sitting with the girls, all sides of the cave get so small that I’m crawling just barely squeezing my chest through these sharp edged rocks. At this point I’m thinking, “I should get turned around” so I try, but end up just twisting on my side squeezing my shoulders even tighter. Then I see this ‘out of place fist sized looking rock’. I decide to just grab it… When I reach for it and analyze how cool this rock is, I take a look at where the rock came from and behind it was a nearly 6″ long crystal! (The kind that the old time Superman was messing with in his cave) I decide to grab that, inspect it thoroughly and realize there’s yet another crystal sitting just behind where I got the last one!
This one was about 4″ long and very clear, a higher choice crystal. I knew it was worth something, but not in a monetary way. I grabbed it.

Now for a change!

After taking that one down and inspecting it, I decide once again to peek into that same area, this time finding a heap of baby diamond crystals, so beautiful and so breathtaking… I put my fingers in this hand sized cavity and grabbed a handful of diamonds, as I examined them they were just like thick grains of sand-like diamonds! … I just watched them as they sparked falling through my finger tips, then grabbing them again and again… It was such a heart felt tender moment that I didn’t want to end.

(A dream within a dream)
I woke up from that dream on my parents couch in their living room and saw my Dad talking to a good pastor friends wife. I quick told him about the dream, and he said that’s interesting, I just had an experience where I met this man (the pastor’s wife’s, son) and I was sharing with him some amazing testimonies. He said “Mark, I don’t want to just see testimonial scriptures, that’s not good enough. I want to see it and feel it in person.” My dad said, “No problem! That’s nothing for God.”

My dad was caving and went somewhere deep in this cave and I saw him grab several different ‘God given miracle stories and events.

Dad walked back to this man and said “Take a look, here they are…” The man exclaimed “WHAT!? No way!, This is exactly what I needed. It’s all true! Everything!”.


Our Hearts!

So Here I am writing a blog again!



My hearts desire is to seek and pursue God in all that he is and has planned in this life of my wife and I. My inner man cries out, Lord what‚Äôs in store for this next season? What lives can we interact with in a deeper way? “Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain.‚ÄĚ And God granted his request.” What platform leadership are you setting out for us to work from? Honoring you is our greatest joy! Loving you to the fullest extent of our heart‚Äôs ability is our passion!

As my eye‚Äôs fill with tears of Joy, tells me that my spirit is connecting with you at this very moment, tells me that I‚Äôm touching just a snippet of my spirit-man’s desire‚Ķ

I love loving you! … why!? It feels me up, it makes me happy, it gets me excited, it makes me burn and most of all I get to see and feel a smile on Your face. The life the radiates from a smile on your face brings tears to my eyes! It awakens my heart! When I see and feel it, I get to work from an overflow of the heart! A deep well spring’s up with words and wisdom that are coming straight from your heart! And I know it infects others around me!

I have my media player on random, I start writing ‚Äúfrom an overflow of the heart‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄėHow He Loves Us‚Äô comes on! Lord, you love to love us and you love to show us tangible ways you how care and desire to commune with us. I love it!‚Ķ

So, this season of ‚Äėhow I can be what you want me to be or be where you want me to be‚Äė is, ‚ÄúBe filled, spend time with me, keep your mind clear so I can commune with you, walk with a full heart, I‚Äôll lead you, I‚Äôll make the path, I‚Äôll direct to you, you walk it‚Ķ I love to be your friend, you‚Äôre my favorite! Love, ‚ÄďGod‚ÄĚ

I love typing and not thinking about what’s going to come out next!

Be Blessed,


~ John & Cheryl’s Engagement Story ~

(In Cheryl’s words)

and I met in Hawaii 5 years ago during their first family visit to
Hawaii. At that time, I was working at the mall and just so happened,
or shall we say by divine appointment, John showed up and introduced
himself along with his brother Luke. A couple of days later, I was up
on stage at church singing when he walked in, all surprised… Neither
of us knew we were going to meet again. It happened to be that his
family was already scheduled to minister at our church. Since then,
John and I became friends and we would keep in touch from time to time.

We connected more the beginning of this year and since then our
friendship grew stronger each time we talked on the phone and in
person. A few months later, John asked my parents if he could date me
and, of course, they agreed. (John: hwew.. ūüôā

John had to leave for Asia for two months and within that time period I
was back home in California anticipating for his return. The days felt
like weeks and the months felt like years. There were many times I
wished I had the money to just hop on a plane and meet him wherever he
was at! ūüôā

Two months finally came! After I picked him from the airport on July
29th, John insisted that we should go visit Santa Monica pier—the
same pier where we watched our first sunset together in February
(2009). I knew he was tired and I thought he wanted to go there and
just chill and relax. After we parked, we headed down to the pier and
walked the same path where he told me he liked me for the first time.

As we approached the top of the hill leading down to the pier, John
pulled out a pouch from his backpack with something in it and told me
that I wasn’t allowed to touch, guess, or feel until we got to the end.
The first thing that came to mind was a bracelet—-nothing too

we were walking side by side towards the end of the pier, John turned
to me and asked “Do you think this pier will have our name on it
forever?‚ÄĚ I said ‚ÄúYes, I think so,‚ÄĚ laughing softly. Then he asked ‚ÄúYou
promise?‚ÄĚ And I said ‚ÄúI promise,‚ÄĚ without having any clue what his
intentions were… When we were coming down the corner of the pier, I
noticed there were a bunch of people
along the edge of the pier just hanging out. It was past midnight. When
we tuned to the corner, I noticed there was a walkway of white paper
bags filled with votive candles in each of them. They were perfectly
lined up leading up to the same bench where we watched the sunset
together back in February. The bench was dressed up beautifully in
white linen with flowers all around it. As we held hands, John thought
it would be fun if we walk the path together. (John is a very
spontaneous guy and he would do something out of the ordinary like
that.) But I repeatedly said “It’s not for us. We shouldn’t walk in
it.‚ÄĚ But John kept insisting we should, and kept pulling my hand until
we got to the middle of the path.

Then to my embarrassment I quickly jumped out of the walkway before the
‚Äėowner‚Äô would see us. John quietly asked me several times to ‘come
back’ before he came out to get me and softly said with a smile, ‚ÄúThis
is for you.‚ÄĚ At that moment, I didn‚Äôt want to believe him. So he added
‚ÄúWhat‚Äôs your favorite flower?‚ÄĚ Then he told me to look over at the
bench. There it was, a dozen yellow roses (My Favorite color rose) with
a red rose added perfectly placed on the bench along with a basket of
fruits, wine, and bread. As I started to realize that this might be all
true, John asked me to open the pouch.

that pouch was a little black music box that had directions on which
way to spin this handle. As I started spinning it the ‚Äėwedding song‚Äô
played and my mouth just dropped! As I was spinning, the music was
going on, John got on his knees and asked, “Cheryl Ancheta Gambeng,
will you marry me?‚ÄĚ With a million thoughts running through my head and
thinking how in the world could this be happening, I managed to say,
‚ÄúYes! Yes of course I‚Äôll marry you!‚ÄĚ John stood up and gave me a hug
and a kiss. He then gave the 50 random spectators thumbs up. Everyone
whistle, clapped and cheered. Some even took pictures.
A few minutes after everything was settling in, we sat down on the
bench and had a time of prayer and communion, giving the beginning of
our relationship to the Lord, inviting him to be the center of our
lives and journey into/through marriage.

I’m so exited just thinking what the future holds for me and John. I
know God will continue to bless our relationship as John and I both
seek Him together!

Talking about YouTube – I Sing Praises

My Fiance (Cheryl Gambeng) and I put together a song for you guy’s to enjoy!! Let us know what you think!

-John Hendrickson

YouTube – I Sing Praises

UPDATE – Hawaii April/May

To those who it may concern, I have been doing loads of music these past months and I’m quite sorry for the lack of formal updates.¬† For much of my casual communication I’ve been using Myspace and/or Facebook.
My last update was quite a while ago!   Ha, since January 2007 my itinerary has been full of ministry trips/events:
2007 — Hawai’i (Kauai, Kona, Oahu, Maui), Minnesota, Tennessee (Nashville), Virginia, Texas, Ohio, Illinois, Taiwan (Tainan & Taipei), Singapore, Washington (Seattle), Nebraska, Wisconsin, California (San Diego).
2008 — Ohio (Cincinnati, THE CALL), Montana (Libby), Minnesota (Minneapolis), Iowa (Ceder Rapids), Arkansas (Green Forest), California (San Diego), and… HAWAI’I!!!¬†
Besides my itinerant travels, I’ve been developing my own studio and am currently working with several clients/friends when my travels allow. It’s a fun experience to step into and has/is taking much learning to develop this side of the industry.
All of these events have consisted of not only ministering to people, but also being ministered to!¬†¬† Every experience/trip for me is full of spiritual experiences and I wouldn’t trade them for a moment!¬† Stepping into a place and being able to share God’s expression of Love through conversation or a helping hand and seeing a smile or a tear-filled eye, rejuvenates my heart to press into God more and everything He has in store for me in this amazing life I live!¬† There’s a sense of gratitude I feel in seeing another friendship or heart open up.
The things I ‘have’ and ‘am’ experiencing are great opportunities that God has put before me! … I’m slowly learning when to say ‘yes’ and when to say ‘no’, which in the beginning… I had NO clue about. ūüôā
This Hawaii-time is just one of those experiences where I experience ‘work ethic’, but with a ‘no problem’ attitude. "Hang Loose!" is the motto! Take things as they come, relax, and have fun doing what you love to do! Every time I visit my Hawaiian family I’m reminded of these simple things.
Since I’ve been here (April 9th), I’ve been able to see where people’s hearts are at and see where I’m best suited in inspiring/coming along side and boosting areas that they feel might need a little help.¬†
ON THAT NOTE OF INSPIRATION: Before arriving on Kauai, I felt one of the things God wanted me to do was to inspire in the areas of percussion.¬† People play Guitar, Bass, and Ukulele (4 stringed Hawaiian guitar) but not to many people in the Christian realm take their drums seriously. That being said, I’ve been hosting weekly drum-set events where 8-15 drummers show up (including females drummers) and we talk, breathe, eat, live, drums for 3 hours every Saturday morning. This week I’ve been trying to pull in other talented musicians to play along with some of the less experienced, in hope’s to inspire them in their gifts. "God’s gift to us, is our gift to Him"‚Ķ. what kind of gift are we giving back???¬† How much have we been disciplined at developing our craft???
Starting next week the rest of my family will be joining all of us out here on the ‘rock’ and we’ll be doing some worship gatherings throughout the rest of our stay. (I will be heading back to Kansas City May 24th, and the rest of the family will fly home the 28th.)
Thank you all so much for your prayers and support in every way! Many Blessings!
Much Love & Aloha!
-John Hendrickson


Hey All! … Just thought I’d drop in and let ya know that I’m still around! … I’ve been quite busy and for the last while I’ve been using Facebook and Myspace as my main "inter-connecting" sources.
I’d like to get back into the "spaces.msn" though. Nice layouts and all! Until then, feel free to contact me by email or to view brief Shedules go to¬†: (John Hendrickson)
Thanks for everything and God Bless!
-John Hendrickson
~~ In the mean time, here’s some pictures of the last couple months….



Yet Another Adventure!!

My brother Luke, myself, and worship leader¬†Daniel Brymer¬†have just arrived home from a great week at a prophetic conference in Minnesota.¬†Many healings and tons of ‘right on’ prophetic words that I’m sure, gave the direction they where looking for!! (And not expecting. ūüôā¬†We also saw many great friends that we haven’t seen in quite some time!¬†This set of meetings really had a closer "family" type feeling to¬†them.

This trip was especially great for me¬†during this season because frankly,¬†I was just getting dry! I needed a little ignite on the inside and I desired something more! Though I may not be an oil rig technician, a stock market broker, or a 9 to 5 worker, I do have my share of business in the musical field and I’m still learning how to pace myself. Ha… Kinda funny saying that when I’m only 20 years¬†old!

This week I’ll be teaching a few students.¬†On Tues/Wednesday I attend my Great Grandma’s funeral, who recently passed away at the age of 88.¬†I then¬†come home to do some final tweaks on a couple of¬†Albums just before Luke and I head out once again with Daniel Brymer to Williamsburg, VA.¬†We start the next set of conference meetings on the 22nd.

Thanks for all your prayers, financial support and encouragement along this amazing journey!

-John Hendrickson


The Air, Sun, Ocean,¬†People, the Beauty‚ĶHawaii has it all!¬†¬† WOW!¬† I’ve been gone for about a month visiting one of God’s precious lands!

Kauai 2 weeks, Maui 3 days, Kona 7, Oahu 2 days

-Kauai‚ĶThis was a great time to catch up with friends/family that I haven’t seen in about 10 months!!! It may not seem long to you, but for me I love to stay connected and close!

One thing I really wanted to achieve while in Kauai last March¬†& Oct 05, was to get all the main church¬†drummers together. I tried, but¬†it always felt like¬†it wasn’t the right time and God’s hand wasn’t fully on it. But on this trip, Jan 2007, the Lord seemed to open the doors! I was able to get around 6 of these drummers to come together, play, and work in Unity… (We weren’t able to get some of our non-Christian guys due to their schedule, but next time we’ll try again!) You drummers probably understand what we did, but for the NON-drummers, it’s similar to a drum circle. So¬†press on¬†Kauai’an drummers! Practice your instrument and continue with these "sheds"!

-Maui‚ĶI hooked up with the YWAM team I traveled with in Australia.¬† We ministered at Hope Chapel Kihei for 3 days. The first night (Friday night) was a worship concert with a short teaching near the end. God showed up and a handful of people got saved and many got touched! The following day we went to the park to hang¬†and share stories with the leaders in the church. That Sunday we did 2 morning services and God seemed to show up in a cool way that some of these leaders haven’t seen in a while!!

-Oahu‚ĶWe did 3 services on Sunday… 2 morning sessions and an¬†evening set which had a more youthful approach.¬†This was cool… as we were leading you could tell some of the usher’s had never seen the¬†people (congregation)¬†so into the worship!! As we were playing, I noticed many leaders with their jaws dropped or¬†huge smiles as they gazed across the room, or just in awe … It’s how people should be in worship, yeah?!

-Kona…2 Thursday night main meetings on the University of the Nations (YWAM) base and five mornings/days at the HoloHolo YWAM base, a couple miles down the road from the Pololu lookout point! (north end of the island)

During the Holoholo meetings, God just allowed us to hang with these 1st semester students! We led worship and did teaching, but all in all, it was mainly a time of living what you do in your everyday life and letting them see it. (A few of them are new believers, and some are just now stepping into a higher level of experiencing/seeing God) We had amazing times of prayer and great one-on-one "student talks"!

The Kona YWAM base had roughly 700 people from the base/area attend these meetings… There’s usually a time of worship and then someone shares what they did or encountered on their last outreach trip.¬†Our final¬†2nd Thursday night ended up more of a worship night.¬†

During this last month I’ve had the privilege of ministering with so many friends, in such a variety of venues‚Ķ including a fund raiser, churches, workshops, teachings, a worship concert, and youth groups.¬† The trip was amazing and full of little surprises along the way!¬†

Thanks for your friendship and your prayers.


John Hendrickson 


Well, sorry for the lack of updates! This last month as been quite an experience!

All of October was full of ministry trips! Wow, what a blast!

The 1st was:

A week in Denver doing worship for the "GO!" conference. A YWAM annual. There I worked with the Ignite group, now known as "Vertical Response".  (this was the team I travelled to Australia with last year) It was great getting together again after not seeing each other for nearly 7 months!!! Some awesome worship sets went on, but we also had great prayer times with the youth that attended! Prophetic was flowing and God was stirring some hearts!   

The 2nd was:

A four day trip to lead worship in¬†Washington DC, along with Julie Meyer and her husband Walt.¬†This trip was¬†to help at a Jill Austin conference.¬†What a rewarding time! Heidi Baker spoke one of the nights. It’s always encouraging to see someone with¬†‘TRUE’ humility as well as crying and/or laughing with the person she’s praying with.¬†We all made some great new friendships on this trip!

The 3rd was:

A five day ministry trip¬†to Chicago with my family! What a joy it was getting back together and working with the one’s who have taught me best, not only in the feel of music, but to be on the ‘hunt’ for God!

We led woship for the ministry known as HUB (His United Body). What a true blessing¬†and¬†honor¬†to work with such dear¬†friends! There are¬†too many great things to list¬†that took place during this conference! God was good and the speakers were almost¬†just as amazing! ūüôā¬† ¬†

The 4th was:

A 6 day ministry trip hosted by a local Chinese group located near Oak Brook, Chicago. I helped their worship teams in the "percussion department". I added it up, and ended up helping 4 different teams during this conference. I also had a great time teaching a couple of seminars regarding groove & technique. During this trip I met a ton of new friends and I was able to brush up on my Chinese speaking skills! (Which are not even close to where they should be for an average white american kid, haha) All in all, a wonderful time!

The month of December is actually pretty slow as far as having any ministy travels, but I’m getting plenty of opportunities in the studio now! I’m Producing, Engineering, Mixing,¬†and Playing… Gosh! It’s funny, when God gives you a bone and you receive it, you soon realize after taking it, "this is no ordinary bone!" ha. God is good,¬†He’s bringing some great things¬†to my table and I’m learning so much!

This coming January I’ll be doing a short tour in Hawaii w/ a little prior "R&R". I’ll be¬†ministering alongside¬†Vertical Response. (¬†)

Also,¬†if you’d like to hear some clips of things I’ve been working on & are wanting to see some of my Itinerary, please go to: ( ¬† )

You’re loved and¬†your prayers are loved!
John Hendrickson

P.S. And yes,¬†there were plenty of "tears" at each and every event mentioned! (Some people were probably wondering ūüėČ



Well, I’m finally telling myself to sit down and write an official update! ¬†I’m sorry if you’ve been looking or wondering when the next update was going to come! ¬†I’ll try my best! ūüôā¬† I usually update ‘MySpace’ daily if you want to find what’s happening currently.

So where do I start? Things have been going pretty well! I think the last time I wrote was after a time that I had downtown taking a¬†homeless guy out for lunch. Well, since then I’ve had two more opportunities to do something similar. ¬†I’m always able to add God in the conversation without pushing or forcing them to do anything that they’re not comfortable with at the moment. God always seems to open up a little door at the end of the conversation for prayer or ministering to a physical need…besides money. And to me, I’m glad even that happened!

I’ve also been helping out at IHOP, an Inner-city church, teaching lessons,¬†and recording on some different¬†albums. Come to think of it, I’ve recently purchased a few products so I can work on some of my own things!!! So maybe down the road you’ll see a ‘ John Hendrickson’ cd on your shelf!

Nearly 4 weeks ago I entered a drum competition. Some guys at a music store I go to frequently persuaded me to sign up! I was reluctant but glad they encouraged me. I wasn’t sure if I’d even make it past the first round, but I did! There were three weeks of narrowing down to the finalists which were 30+, 18-50 yr olds.¬† ¬†Last week I made it to the final 6 drummers representing our state. As I was sitting there, I knew it was probably unlikely that I’d win, especially against some amazing black gospel players. I still really enjoyed myself. Running through my routine w/ a few hick-ups here and there,¬†a¬†few people thought there was going to be a tie breaker after the last guy played, but it turned out that he won! I’m¬†glad he won, and is now on his way to Regionals in

Denver and the Nationals in LA if he wins. I’m also glad that this made me practice more than I ever have in my life! Ha (Sometimes up to 8 hours a day! Most days 4-5 hours when I was home) … So, will I compete next year??? I think, MAYBE… ūüėČ

As for the trips next on my list of¬†ministry events…¬†
I’ll be in:

Denver, Oct 30th¬†– Nov¬†3rd¬†ministering with ‘Ignite’ (¬†playing and working for a¬†conference w/ YWAM.
Chicago, Nov 16th РNov 19th ministering with my whole family at a HUB conference 
Chicago, Nov 20th РNov 26th ministering at an annual Chinese conference. Helping their worship team and teaching music.

As for future travels and tours, many things are in ‘limbo’ mode right now. I’ll let you know as soon as they come!!!¬†¬†

Thank you ALL so much for your Prayer’s and Financial & Emotional support!

May the Lord continue to bless you back!!!

John Hendrickson