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I’m A Father!


Aslan James Hendrickson / born on April 29th 2012 / 10:10pm / 7 lbs 4oz / 19″

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We’re loving every bit of him and he’s such a blessing of an addition to our lives!, We can’t wait to see you and be your friends when we grow old!  We Love You & Jesus loves you Aslan! -Mommy and Daddy

In The Mood

I’ve recently just been on several different ministry conference travels… Helping with Event/Churches around my area, Switzerland (w/ Bethel), Minnesota (w/ Daniel Brymer), and a Caribbean Cruise (Toronto TACF conference on the ship), and while ‘out & about’, I’ve been having so many idea’s for making video lessons and replaying my parts from various albums, but with video and good audio!

SO!!… I’m trying to get myself geared up and start that direction! I’ve just made two video’s with great audio and a iphone I borrowed just for these videos! (Ha.. YES, I’m in the stone age! I don’t even have an iphone)
To have great audio and great video (if I had several HD camera’s), is a lot of work, but super enjoyable to finally have something that I can share with the public.

If you have any thoughts for future videos, don’t hesitate to shoot them my way!

With all that said, thanks for stopping in and BE BLESSED!
-John Hendrickson


Here’s the vids:


Staying Up To Date…

I enjoy putting up video’s from events, personal practice times, and other random stuff from time to time, and the place to find it is:

Check back here and my YouTubeChannel every so often to find recent material I’ve worked on, trip updates, gear, … Or questions!

Here’s a video from a few weeks ago… Enjoy the groove!


More ‘Pregnant-er’

We’re getting more ‘pregnant-er’ and it’s a BOY!

Though We’re overjoyed at the fact that we GET TO have a child, Please Keep us in your prayers as we walk through our first pregnancy. God has been so kind to both of us and we’re grateful for all the love and support He lavishes on us.

It’s fun to think about what kind of Dad I will be? What will my son be like? will he like yo-yo’s as I did growing up, will he be a Stunt Double, will he be a circus showman, will he be a family man, I wonder what his kids will be like?! … But as I have all of these weird thoughts and emotions, I know that it’s a miracle we’re having a child in the first place and that God is so loving and awesome, that ‘little ole me’ doesn’t have to worry about anything, except for guiding him towards Jesus.

Our son will be Great and Perfect even if he enjoys swallowing pennies, lego’s, and rocks as I did… It just makes for a stronger immune system anyway. 🙂



“Come To Me” – Song from ‘The Loft Sessions’ album

I thought you would enjoy a sneak peak of the new ‘THE LOFT SESSIONS’ album coming out January.

While we were filming this video, the A/C for the actual ‘loft’ was working overtime! … If you see any of us sweating, it’s because we were!

But this made for a very unique vibe that drew us together during these songs of worship. As we were filming for this album, the presence of the Lord was very present in the room several times and it was hard for several of us to hold back our tears.

Though we were playing to our tracks we previously recorded, it really felt as though we were playing the songs for the first time!

So Enjoy and Be Blessed!

My Wife Is Pregnant!

After a lifetime of wondering when I’d be a Dad… The Lord has blessed my wife Cheryl and I the opportunity of being parents!

As a treat to remember this awesome experience, Cheryl and I were able to capture some “first time reactions” of our family over skype… and in person…

Take a look – – – >

In The Studio w/ William Matthews

Enjoy this fun moment while we were in Redding recording earlier this year recording this song on William Matthews new record “Hopes Anthem”.

Someone happened to catch the same take we kept with their iPhone and I was able to sync the two together!

The reason we have no shirts…. Just for fun and being spontaneous… Also, being ‘free’ is what the song is about.


Looking At An Old “25 things about me” Note

Greetings once again!

Well, just a little bit ago I ran across an old note… You’ll see some funny facts and heart felt memories. Enjoy!

Made: FEB/6/2009

1. I have green eye’s, but have wondered what it’d be like if I had Blue eyes. haha

2. I used to wear Jnco jeans when I was younger,… The longer the pockets and the bigger the bottom of the jeans, the BETTER!! haha,

3. My first instrument I started learning was Piano @ 7yr’s of age

4. My Second Percussion (Conga’s, Djembe, Bongos)

5. My 3rd, Drumset at age 9

6. My Mom gave me my first lessons on drumset

7. I grew up on a hobby farm, Every day I had to feed and water our 28 sheep and other random animals..

8. My grandpa almost let me drown in the Wisconsin river once! My brother Markus saw me and realized I wasn’t joking and helped me… haha

9. I enjoy City and Country living… I’d wish to live in California or New York, with another home in Kauai HI. Aloha oi!! haha

10. Man, I have 15 more to go after this!! …ok, I’ll come up with something… 😛

11. One time my brother and I when we were like 7 – 12yrs old were playing darts against a dart board hanging on our basement stairs., Well, my sister came down the stairs (And we weren’t very good), … I missed and it went in her arm. … I tried to keep her from crying… ha

12. I love the healing the Sun brings.

13. Asian (I mean to say asian, cause there’s so many variations!) and Italian food are probably my most favourite flavours in the wOrLd!

14. God gave me my Pair of conga’s… due to a leader sharing a story at this Conference of me emptying my account to purchase a Djembe’ to worship the Lord with. … It ended up around that time I was looking for conga’s, but had no money… By the end of the conference I had $419, people were stuffing my 13 or 14yr old pockets with cash!! $425 was how much my Traditional Series Toca conga’s were.

15. I love to Run long distance, end of 2 years ago through last August,.. I was running 1-2miles every day I had free!

16. Bob Jones called my stomach my ‘groceries… Growing up next door 1 – 3 he’d say ‘show me your groceries!’ ..

17. Yes,.. I had a gut, it just shot straight out. Even to this day, if I’m feeling well, I can shoot my gut out!… BUT… I’ve been trying to cut it out, cause I don’t want it to get stuck in the ‘large’ position… ha

18. I love to drive fast!… I used to have motorcycles, 3 wheelers, Snowmobiles, … All of them I’d go faster than I was supposed to!..

19. for about 2 years, I slept with a yo-yo on my finger… Occasionally I pull it out, honoring my child hood passion for the round piece of plastic on a string. ha

20. I was taught to eat everything on my plate, and If I made a face or said I didn’t like it, I’d get a double portion.

21. I learned from “20”, and to this day, I will eat almost anything and not say ‘I don’t like it’,… UNLESS! you want my honest opinion. haha

22. I’m now 22, and have no grandkids. what’s up with this! lol

23. I made my first website at 17… I haven’t touched it in a long while!! haha

24. If I could Play drums, on a surfboard, while holding my wife next to me and having my Kids on my lap, and worshipping the Lord… I think that’d be the best sport EVER created.

25. I can’t wait to go to Africa and learn from the tribes and Kids that made the Rhythm’s I love!…

Remembering our wedding day…

April 10th, 2010. What a beautiful day filled with amazing moments!

Enjoy it once again!!! Thanks to Alden for his amazing filming skills!

Wedding Day from Robert Dobbins on Vimeo.

Interesting Dreams… #2

This dream was from about 4 or 5 days ago.

Cheryl and I were running from this ‘mob-type’ people. We weren’t in trouble, but it felt like trouble was coming after us. So we both agreed that we run back to our ‘safe house’ and grab some different belongings we needed for our journey ahead of us.
As we finalized stuffing our last backpack, I have this feeling “We won’t have much money”, Cheryl felt my feelings and said with a curious-wondering-smile “I might know of someone who can help. Follow me!” Now it didn’t feel like we were getting ‘Dirty’ money, it felt as though we were getting an inheritance that we haven’t known about for a long time and we just now found out about it.

So, I’m following her down these hallways in this house, I walk up to this window and lean out. With my waist as my balancing point and my feet straddling a heavy stool so I don’t fall out the window, I’m now at the next door neighbor’s window and I see this cute old lady with a pretty hoody-type-scarf over her head. As she walks around the corner from a closet with a bag in her hands and our faces meet, It seems as though she’s confirming the feeling of this being an inheritance, but with a deeper feeling of “Someone told me to hold this for you, so I’ve held this until this exact moment in both of your lives and you knew nothing about it. I’m so honored that I can finally pass it on to you!”, she hands me the bag and says “Here it is! All of it. $28,300.50” I opened it up. And as I’m glancing at all this cash and some quarters, nickles, and dimes she said “Yea, the cash is all in $50.00’s”, and with a curious face she also said “I’m not really sure why there’s so many nickles.” Funny thing was, at that very moment my hand was starting to run through the clinking change and the quarters, dimes, and nickles started changing to mostly nickles… I’m puzzled, but not weirded out. Just enjoying the moment!

We both are honored and tell the lady thank you quietly.

We’re making a run by these bushes from the house to sneak back to our car on the street. We get into our car, I put my key’s in the ignition, turn the switch and a picture pop’s into my head that reminds me of my Studio/Recording equipment. At that moment I’m thinking ‘what does all this mean’, then I hear a deep loving fatherly voice say “Do you trust me?”. As I sat there in the car with my mind looking at this picture he was showing me, I realized that the Lord was not just saying “Do you trust me in circumstantial life issues, but do you trust me in the work I bring to you, and the finances from those jobs.” He continued in a chuckling way, “I’ll take care of you no matter what! I’m God. I do these types of things!..”


I woke up from this dream with a quite hush. I really felt like I had nothing to say… but to place my heart in an honoring, loving, at your feet type of mindset. It felt as though, if I woke up my wife to tell her about the dream I’d start to cry tears unexplainable joy and peace. It was all I could do to not cry anyways! It was a wonderful feeling!

Now, this dream has a lot of prophetic things personally, but as you read it… What did you feel? What are your thoughts?

And what’s special about the whole ending of my story regarding the Lord’s provision and desire to provide for me and be with me, is applicable in and through your own life!

Be Blessed,