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March 13, 2012

I’ve recently just been on several different ministry conference travels… Helping with Event/Churches around my area, Switzerland (w/ Bethel), Minnesota (w/ Daniel Brymer), and a Caribbean Cruise (Toronto TACF conference on the ship), and while ‘out & about’, I’ve been having so many idea’s for making video lessons and replaying my parts from various albums, but with video and good audio!

SO!!… I’m trying to get myself geared up and start that direction! I’ve just made two video’s with great audio and a iphone I borrowed just for these videos! (Ha.. YES, I’m in the stone age! I don’t even have an iphone)
To have great audio and great video (if I had several HD camera’s), is a lot of work, but super enjoyable to finally have something that I can share with the public.

If you have any thoughts for future videos, don’t hesitate to shoot them my way!

With all that said, thanks for stopping in and BE BLESSED!
-John Hendrickson


Here’s the vids:

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One Comment
  1. Bro this is amazing!!!!!!!! I’m loving it!!!!! More please 😀

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