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Interesting Dreams…

February 7, 2011


I was in a cave with my Mom, Sister, and Wife. In a cavity about 4ft tall, just tall enough to not be hunched over when you’re sitting down, and about 5ft wide. As we’re sitting in this room, the girls are talking about ‘their life stories’ and stuff that I didn’t feel I had to be in the conversation for. 🙂

So I decide to head down deeper in the cave.

After about 20ft beyond where I was sitting with the girls, all sides of the cave get so small that I’m crawling just barely squeezing my chest through these sharp edged rocks. At this point I’m thinking, “I should get turned around” so I try, but end up just twisting on my side squeezing my shoulders even tighter. Then I see this ‘out of place fist sized looking rock’. I decide to just grab it… When I reach for it and analyze how cool this rock is, I take a look at where the rock came from and behind it was a nearly 6″ long crystal! (The kind that the old time Superman was messing with in his cave) I decide to grab that, inspect it thoroughly and realize there’s yet another crystal sitting just behind where I got the last one!
This one was about 4″ long and very clear, a higher choice crystal. I knew it was worth something, but not in a monetary way. I grabbed it.

Now for a change!

After taking that one down and inspecting it, I decide once again to peek into that same area, this time finding a heap of baby diamond crystals, so beautiful and so breathtaking… I put my fingers in this hand sized cavity and grabbed a handful of diamonds, as I examined them they were just like thick grains of sand-like diamonds! … I just watched them as they sparked falling through my finger tips, then grabbing them again and again… It was such a heart felt tender moment that I didn’t want to end.

(A dream within a dream)
I woke up from that dream on my parents couch in their living room and saw my Dad talking to a good pastor friends wife. I quick told him about the dream, and he said that’s interesting, I just had an experience where I met this man (the pastor’s wife’s, son) and I was sharing with him some amazing testimonies. He said “Mark, I don’t want to just see testimonial scriptures, that’s not good enough. I want to see it and feel it in person.” My dad said, “No problem! That’s nothing for God.”

My dad was caving and went somewhere deep in this cave and I saw him grab several different ‘God given miracle stories and events.

Dad walked back to this man and said “Take a look, here they are…” The man exclaimed “WHAT!? No way!, This is exactly what I needed. It’s all true! Everything!”.


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