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February 12, 2007

The Air, Sun, Ocean, People, the Beauty…Hawaii has it all!   WOW!  I’ve been gone for about a month visiting one of God’s precious lands!

Kauai 2 weeks, Maui 3 days, Kona 7, Oahu 2 days

-Kauai…This was a great time to catch up with friends/family that I haven’t seen in about 10 months!!! It may not seem long to you, but for me I love to stay connected and close!

One thing I really wanted to achieve while in Kauai last March & Oct 05, was to get all the main church drummers together. I tried, but it always felt like it wasn’t the right time and God’s hand wasn’t fully on it. But on this trip, Jan 2007, the Lord seemed to open the doors! I was able to get around 6 of these drummers to come together, play, and work in Unity… (We weren’t able to get some of our non-Christian guys due to their schedule, but next time we’ll try again!) You drummers probably understand what we did, but for the NON-drummers, it’s similar to a drum circle. So press on Kauai’an drummers! Practice your instrument and continue with these "sheds"!

-Maui…I hooked up with the YWAM team I traveled with in Australia.  We ministered at Hope Chapel Kihei for 3 days. The first night (Friday night) was a worship concert with a short teaching near the end. God showed up and a handful of people got saved and many got touched! The following day we went to the park to hang and share stories with the leaders in the church. That Sunday we did 2 morning services and God seemed to show up in a cool way that some of these leaders haven’t seen in a while!!

-Oahu…We did 3 services on Sunday… 2 morning sessions and an evening set which had a more youthful approach. This was cool… as we were leading you could tell some of the usher’s had never seen the people (congregation) so into the worship!! As we were playing, I noticed many leaders with their jaws dropped or huge smiles as they gazed across the room, or just in awe … It’s how people should be in worship, yeah?!

-Kona…2 Thursday night main meetings on the University of the Nations (YWAM) base and five mornings/days at the HoloHolo YWAM base, a couple miles down the road from the Pololu lookout point! (north end of the island)

During the Holoholo meetings, God just allowed us to hang with these 1st semester students! We led worship and did teaching, but all in all, it was mainly a time of living what you do in your everyday life and letting them see it. (A few of them are new believers, and some are just now stepping into a higher level of experiencing/seeing God) We had amazing times of prayer and great one-on-one "student talks"!

The Kona YWAM base had roughly 700 people from the base/area attend these meetings… There’s usually a time of worship and then someone shares what they did or encountered on their last outreach trip. Our final 2nd Thursday night ended up more of a worship night. 

During this last month I’ve had the privilege of ministering with so many friends, in such a variety of venues… including a fund raiser, churches, workshops, teachings, a worship concert, and youth groups.  The trip was amazing and full of little surprises along the way! 

Thanks for your friendship and your prayers.


John Hendrickson 

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    I\’m  No no<Boo boo>
    Do you remember me?
    In Shanghai!!!!!!!!!!!!
    God bless you a XD

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