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December 15, 2006

Well, sorry for the lack of updates! This last month as been quite an experience!

All of October was full of ministry trips! Wow, what a blast!

The 1st was:

A week in Denver doing worship for the "GO!" conference. A YWAM annual. There I worked with the Ignite group, now known as "Vertical Response".  (this was the team I travelled to Australia with last year) It was great getting together again after not seeing each other for nearly 7 months!!! Some awesome worship sets went on, but we also had great prayer times with the youth that attended! Prophetic was flowing and God was stirring some hearts!   

The 2nd was:

A four day trip to lead worship in Washington DC, along with Julie Meyer and her husband Walt. This trip was to help at a Jill Austin conference. What a rewarding time! Heidi Baker spoke one of the nights. It’s always encouraging to see someone with ‘TRUE’ humility as well as crying and/or laughing with the person she’s praying with. We all made some great new friendships on this trip!

The 3rd was:

A five day ministry trip to Chicago with my family! What a joy it was getting back together and working with the one’s who have taught me best, not only in the feel of music, but to be on the ‘hunt’ for God!

We led woship for the ministry known as HUB (His United Body). What a true blessing and honor to work with such dear friends! There are too many great things to list that took place during this conference! God was good and the speakers were almost just as amazing! 🙂   

The 4th was:

A 6 day ministry trip hosted by a local Chinese group located near Oak Brook, Chicago. I helped their worship teams in the "percussion department". I added it up, and ended up helping 4 different teams during this conference. I also had a great time teaching a couple of seminars regarding groove & technique. During this trip I met a ton of new friends and I was able to brush up on my Chinese speaking skills! (Which are not even close to where they should be for an average white american kid, haha) All in all, a wonderful time!

The month of December is actually pretty slow as far as having any ministy travels, but I’m getting plenty of opportunities in the studio now! I’m Producing, Engineering, Mixing, and Playing… Gosh! It’s funny, when God gives you a bone and you receive it, you soon realize after taking it, "this is no ordinary bone!" ha. God is good, He’s bringing some great things to my table and I’m learning so much!

This coming January I’ll be doing a short tour in Hawaii w/ a little prior "R&R". I’ll be ministering alongside Vertical Response. ( )

Also, if you’d like to hear some clips of things I’ve been working on & are wanting to see some of my Itinerary, please go to: ( )

You’re loved and your prayers are loved!
John Hendrickson

P.S. And yes, there were plenty of "tears" at each and every event mentioned! (Some people were probably wondering 😉

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