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October 24, 2006


Well, I’m finally telling myself to sit down and write an official update!  I’m sorry if you’ve been looking or wondering when the next update was going to come!  I’ll try my best! 🙂  I usually update ‘MySpace’ daily if you want to find what’s happening currently.

So where do I start? Things have been going pretty well! I think the last time I wrote was after a time that I had downtown taking a homeless guy out for lunch. Well, since then I’ve had two more opportunities to do something similar.  I’m always able to add God in the conversation without pushing or forcing them to do anything that they’re not comfortable with at the moment. God always seems to open up a little door at the end of the conversation for prayer or ministering to a physical need…besides money. And to me, I’m glad even that happened!

I’ve also been helping out at IHOP, an Inner-city church, teaching lessons, and recording on some different albums. Come to think of it, I’ve recently purchased a few products so I can work on some of my own things!!! So maybe down the road you’ll see a ‘ John Hendrickson’ cd on your shelf!

Nearly 4 weeks ago I entered a drum competition. Some guys at a music store I go to frequently persuaded me to sign up! I was reluctant but glad they encouraged me. I wasn’t sure if I’d even make it past the first round, but I did! There were three weeks of narrowing down to the finalists which were 30+, 18-50 yr olds.   Last week I made it to the final 6 drummers representing our state. As I was sitting there, I knew it was probably unlikely that I’d win, especially against some amazing black gospel players. I still really enjoyed myself. Running through my routine w/ a few hick-ups here and there, a few people thought there was going to be a tie breaker after the last guy played, but it turned out that he won! I’m glad he won, and is now on his way to Regionals in

Denver and the Nationals in LA if he wins. I’m also glad that this made me practice more than I ever have in my life! Ha (Sometimes up to 8 hours a day! Most days 4-5 hours when I was home) … So, will I compete next year??? I think, MAYBE… 😉

As for the trips next on my list of ministry events… 
I’ll be in:

Denver, Oct 30th – Nov 3rd ministering with ‘Ignite’ ( playing and working for a conference w/ YWAM.
Chicago, Nov 16th – Nov 19th ministering with my whole family at a HUB conference 
Chicago, Nov 20th – Nov 26th ministering at an annual Chinese conference. Helping their worship team and teaching music.

As for future travels and tours, many things are in ‘limbo’ mode right now. I’ll let you know as soon as they come!!!  

Thank you ALL so much for your Prayer’s and Financial & Emotional support!

May the Lord continue to bless you back!!!

John Hendrickson

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