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July 22, 2006

I have a bunch of new pictures added in the Asia Photo section! …

Check them out..

As you’ll see, our family had such a splendid time during our last
couple months of travel! We’re already working on our next ministry
tour! Also, when you look at these photo’s, we were with new people
every 7-10 days. That doesn’t mean the rest of you still weren’t/aren’t in our
hearts and minds though! We look forward to many future occasions where
we can be apart of your people and your fantastic worship times! My
family and I have been truly blessed!

As for now, I’m getting into the Kansas City swing… ministering at
IHOP, a church near downtown KC, drum teaching, recording, and various
other works.

In the midst of doing all these things, they require ‘relationship’. So
I’m also trying to get as re-connected around the city (and beyond) as I
can. Things have been going great, but when you can, please pray that
the Lord would continue to release Divine appointments and connections.

Oh, this past Sunday afternoon I had some time between services so I
went to a nice shopping mall area. I listened to some different music
and met some good arrangers for playing on the streets. After standing
in the baking sun at 102 degrees for over an hour, I knew of this nice
shaded area down the road. As I’m walking to the area, I passed this
homeless man, holding a sign and standing on the corner of the
intersection. After passing the guy, I felt something.
I said to myself, "Lord, did you want me to talk with him?" As I
furthered my shaded tree experience, I just sat against the tree and
watched the relaxing water-fountains. I took a couple of pictures for people

passing by, then I felt that same thing in my spirit again! The whole
time I’m sitting there, I noticed I had a nice heavy breeze on the left
side of my leg. I said to God, "If you want me to reach out to this one
particular homeless man, switch the breeze to the right side. After a
few seconds it got even stronger on the left. I thought, "Ok, I guess
I’m going to a different guy, but immediately the wind changed and it
kept blowing from the right! ha… Fun stuff… I walked to the guy and
said, "You want a treat?" He said, "Sure, whatcha got"? I said, "Lets go
eat at this diner". He said, "Sounds good, I’d like that". After
speaking with ‘Darren’ for over an hour, one of the things he said to me
near the end of our visit was, "Sometimes I might make $7 or $8 in
change a day, but alot of times I end up blessing someone else and
giving it away cause I usually see someone else that needs it more".
Darren also said, "One time I did it and somebody saw me give all my
change away and that person came over later and gave me $20"! He said,
"Sir, thank you, you’re a true blessing"!

I never did ask him if he was a Christian, but I do know he enjoyed
talking about blessings, helping others and family. He also liked while I
prayed with him two different times. … I’m loving that! ūüôā

Looking forward to future updates!!!
Blessings in all you do!
John Hendrickson

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  1. (hr!s+!n3 permalink

    ha!! uhhh.. i guess i already added yah.. and i found out i wasnt in ya blog list eh? lol.. doin fine here in phils.. ministering in C-HOP! amazing..
    And oh pls pray, our band will be introducing some of my compositions.. yayy!! hows kC? really prayin i can go there in IHOP soon.. :o) my heart goes out to that place!!!
    God bless yah..

  2. EiLvaNe permalink

    really surprised(and rather glad¬†too!)¬†to see that you propped me in Xanga. 0.oglad to know that u\’ve enjoyed your trip, and that you\’re settling down, i must make a visit to KC one day.make sure you welcome me if i do! =)

  3. Susan permalink

    Hey there~
    Just came back from Taiwan last week, and had a wonderful time in Tod w/ Ezrela & Fire worship
    Its just…amazing. Hopefully I can go to IHOP oneday, it must be awesome. ^^
    I didn\’t know you have msn space…keeping two spaces at a time is tiring. tried to get another one but just can\’t manage to get both working well!!!
    Glad that you\’ve had a great trip~~hope your family can come to Shanghai again!~
    Please greet your family for me ^^
    God bless,

  4. (hr!s+!n3 permalink

    oh yea!!! hahhah i just found it, this space is kinda updating.. =) well well if ya dont understand what i wrote.. just say AMEN to it! ;o)
    Hows yer life there anyway?

  5. (hr!s+!n3 permalink

    john!!!!! help!! how dyu edit that space u got? its so aggravating alraedy!!!! waaaahhh!! how many times i checked but cant edit my page.. ūüė¶ help help help!!¬† :oD thanks!!

  6. kathy permalink

    thanks a lot for teaching me
    God bless

  7. Unknown permalink

    Halo ya~~~~///           Just      saying     HI"^^hahahaha-

  8. Unknown permalink

    When will you come to Shanghai again?

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