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July 5, 2006

What can I say!?!?

So many adventures, so many moments that will forever be etched in me and my family’s mind!!

One cool experience in Shanghai China was:

as we were staying in our host family’s home, we were very near (a couple blocks) to a low income housing/business area. So my brother Luke, the host family’s teenage boys, and myself wanted to go visit this area. After walking a couple miles, we saw many people showering out in the street, many people people carrying loads of material on their backs/bicycles/mopeds, we then came to this one corner with two 4-5yr old girls squatting at the curb. One of the girls just found an already eaten piece of watermelon in the curb-side gutter. She and her friend started eating it. It was a heart turning moment! Earlier that week one of the host family’s boys found a shiny, stretchy, plastic bead bracelet. He said, "Look what I found!" He threw it out of the car while we were waiting for the others. I said, "Go get it, you should give it to a little girl who would LOVE it!". He went out, picked it up and kept it with him everyday until the day the girls were eating this watermelon out of the gutter. As we walked by, he asked the little girl if she would like it. As he was handing it to her, she was like, "What?", then held out her hand and he gave it to her. From that moment on, as we were walking down the street, her and her girlfriend were smiling and shaking it all around!! Ha. It’s funny how the simple things can mean so much to someone who may not have much, but they feel like they have it all!

Many other cool experiences with international churches and various ministry groups during our times of worship and prayer teachings. On top of ministering to these many "legal" churches, we were also able to visit the local churches. (Some may know them as the "underground church".)  The one large group of 300 people (which there has never been a gathering of this size in their group history) was the most incredible feelings I have ever felt! They normally meet 20-30 people at a time for safety.  We were able to be with them from 9am-5pm! As we came into the room, they were already praying and  worshipping since 8 AM! They all sat on the floor on a 1/2 inch mat all day.  They came to fast, pray and worship. The local worship songs were all in Chinese, using the chinese type melody structure. So, as you’re listening, its beautiful, but at the same time very powerful sounding! While walking in the midst of all this and having these two elements with 300 people singing…and actually feeling and meaning every word they’re saying…started to make my heart tremble! My eye’s many times started filling with tears of joy and heart-ache for these amazing people!

So, after 12 days in Shanghai, doing ministry with people and churches everyday… We are now home in good-ol’ Kansas City! We’ve spent over 40 hr’s in a plane! After 7 weeks, you can bet that my family and I are excited about getting in our own bed! 🙂

Thanks for all your prayers and support!!

John Hendrickson

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  1. (hr!s+!n3 permalink

    Praise Jesus to know all about what God is doin\’ not just in one place but even globaly!
    ..Tell the world that our true God, lives!!! .. Bless ya heart!!
    ~ christine ~

  2. Unknown permalink

    hello hehe add me
    ..::It\’s me::..

  3. Maranda permalink

        You\’re such a nice boy~
        Wish you good luck!

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