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June 17, 2006
Well to start off, the moments and people in the Philippines have left a permanent mark in my mind and in my heart! One of the greatest and touching moments took place the morning of the day we departed for Taiwan. We went to a widow’s home located deep in the slums…it’s actually a dump.  Her home was a shack that was built on stilts, balancing above garbage and filthy water, built with leftover wood or bamboo that bends as you walk on it. A few months back, a single mom gave my mom a small sum of money in a coin purse and asked her to pass it on where she felt the Lord would lead. As we were in this little home that currently had 15 people living in it, we introduced ourselves, sang a couple heart wrenching worship songs, then my mom started telling the story about the money. Every moment in this place and in this area made my eye’s water and my heart yearn for the Lord to increase in their lives! I was greatly humbled in my spirit by being with these amazing people.
As for our trip to
Taiwan, we left the Philippines on the 6th of June and arrived in Taiwan after 4 hours of flights. As soon as we landed we unloaded our stuff at the hotel and drove to the meeting place to be apart of a meeting of worship and prayer from 10pm-1am. It was great to be back in the midst of ‘known friends’. My parents and I have been to Taiwan 3 times and my brother and sister have been twice. Many of these Taiwanese groups have come to Kansas City during the past few years. We’ve had the honor to be able to establish quite a family and a friendship between the Taiwan
After being in
Taipei for a few days, we took a 40 minute flight to the city of Tainan
. (North of Kaoshung) There we worked with more friends and helped encourage them in their gifts in Music and Prayer. Luke and I came alongside their own worship team and kind of ‘sat in’ during a couple of these meetings.  During the last couple of meetings there were quite a few tears…as usual!  By the way, the word ‘tears’ will probably be in all my updates with my family, if you haven’t noticed by now. 😛
Monday, we had a much needed ‘day off’! It was Beautiful! Wonderful! Stupendous! The Chen’s and some other great friends helped our family have a good time. You know I love being with people! Amen! 😛
Tuesday the 13th, we left for
Singapore. What a trip!  At 3:30 AM we took a 4hr drive up to Taipei from Tainan, we flew to Hong Kong for a 1 ∏ hr layover, then a few hours later, landing in Singapore. Since the first moment in Singapore
, we’ve been greatly blessed by the leaders here. Although we may be busy, we’re also feeling quite refreshed during all of our meetings and teachings. Except for last night!! J In our apartment, our A/C broke! I can say, this night was the sweatiest nights I’ve had in a long time, even after taking off ‘many’ layers.
This Monday at 1am (late Sunday night), we’re heading off to
China until the 3rd of July (about a 5hr flight). After being in Singapore and meeting a few of the leaders that will be helping us in Shanghai China
, I can already feel the excitement rising in me for being in such a God forbidden…actually…a God desired country!
When you can, please pray for our remaining time here in
Singapore, but also our time in China
. Safety is not only crucial for us, but anyone who we may meet. Meeting and speaking about the Lord to local Chinese, ‘may not’ be quite as dangerous for us, but when we leave, the government can cruelly punish any individual we did speak to.
Thanks for your prayer and encouragement during our
ministry tour!
God Bless,

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  1. EiLvaNe permalink should come see the interiors of Sabah.where ppl live in longhouses with scarce electricity hahahaha.

  2. Mary Jean permalink

    Let quite an impression huh?

  3. x傅-小-安x permalink

    Hey~ I went to do you say it..
    the activity [i guess] in China..
    it was awesome…^ ^~
    well..God Blesssssss~~

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