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April 21, 2006
I’m Back from the dead!! 🙂
Well, it may have seemed i’ve forgotten about this page, but I really haven’t. I’ve felt I’ve needed a little break from this, so I took one…
For the last couple weeks, I’ve been busy doing odds and end jobs. Music teaching, Ihop (International House of Prayer), Churches and traveling with my family. The Lord has allowed this time from my Hawaii trip to the middle of May, because I have been needing it. Going pretty much nonstop since October 12th, is tough on the body and the soul. Even though I’m doing alot of things around my home area, it doesn’t feel quite as tiresome as to when I was out of town or out of the country, cause I’m home, with family and friends that are always so welcome and gracious to the things I do and desire.
This past week I’ve actually been out of town with my dad. We did a little father and son trip to my Grandma’s (IL), then to the town I lived in nearly half of my life (Richland Center, WI), Then Back through IL, the following day my dad and I met with a publisher/editor guy in St Louis, MO regarding my grandfathers book he was working on before he passed away, and today…. We drove home and I can now kick off my shoes and relax until tomorrow!… Saturday Afternoon, I’ve got a wedding reception i’m playing for. It should be fun. A lot of slow jazz classics… I’ll try to get some pictures for your enjoyment! 🙂
John Hendrickson

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