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January 16, 2006

Lets see….

All of last week our team was really preparing for the rest of the tour by getting together with different leaders and running over song lists in our practice times. The church we played at last Sunday let us borrow their building and leave our instruments for practice the whole week which was a huge blessing! We definitely improved in our unity as a band/team! 🙂

Three days ago we arrived here in Byron which is about 1hr drive south of the Gold Coast/Surfers Paradise. We’ve been staying at a YWAM base house, where we met one of the local leaders. As soon as we arrived we talked about what was needed later that night.

After a little dip in the pool and some congregating, we drove to the Outside Café area and set up for the night. The YWAM dance and drama crew did some great stuff and then we followed with a few songs. The YWAM group then came up again and led some more worship. The second round definitely had the most impact on all of us as well as the people watching from the sidewalks. A few of our members that were evangelizing began talking to some of the onlookers. They said they felt something ‘great’ with what was going on… meaning, they were actually feeling the presence of the Lord on them. : )

One thing about Byron Bay

is that this town is the furthest east point of Australia. Many of the spiritual "out there/new age" people flock to this area thinking its a type of  ‘gate’ into the spiritual realm. The town is also known as the East Gate and many of us felt it as soon as we drove in. It has been such an awesome opportunity for all of us to be able to minister and impart what the Lord has given!

We’ll be ministering there next Saturday night as well. Please pray for protection. All prayers are welcome! Spiritual covering is a ‘must’ especially in spiritually oppressed places such as Byron!

Sunday afternoon church went awesome! The church has quite a hippie type feel to it…which is kinda cool. As soon as you walked into the room, you felt this love in the people. Their worship team led the first part, which went fantastic! The pastor then gave a great short message, then our team got up and finalized the last hour and a half or so. Throughout the time many had tears and by the end everyone was jumping and going for it! (one of the guys started to break dance for a few seconds, then I think he thought it might be a little distracting! Ha..)

This morning, we led some worship and prayed with the YWAM group leaders. The Lord gave us some great words of encouragement for them. Good stuff!

This afternoon, we went downtown and did some evangelism and had a great BBQ in the park!

God Bless!


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  1. Mary Jean permalink

    Cool, may the Lord move mightily among you guys…

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