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December 16, 2005


Having a great time…

The trip to Nashville was great! We had great meals (Thanks to my Aunt ;), Great laughs, and opened some Christmas gifts! Yea, I know it’s quite early, but we’re not going to be in TN during Christmas. 😛


We arrived at my grandpa’s house in Orlando, FL. Friday night. Man, it felt great to get in from such a long trip. (Around 12hr drive)  At my gramp’s, we just hung out and chilled. Oh, Sunday we saw Narnia! Man, the power of God is all over it… The movie gets my spirit man moving, makes me want to go out and conquer the world! 


Went to my Grandparents in Melbourne, FL. and did some more "hangin". 🙂  I tell you what; it feels so great to have a little time off with the family before I head out again!!!

Yesterday, my dad, my cousin from Florida and myself, drove down to the Keys and went SCUBA diving 3 miles off the coast! We got to explore an old Shipwreck from World War 2 and also got to explore another area of reef. There was so many fish to see, one of which was the Barracuda! Super freaky looking! Some were about 6feet long!  — Kind of an overwhelming feeling when you’re 3 miles from shore and you never know when some huge great white shark will come around the corner 😉

Let’s see…

TODAY, I went Surfing… Oh my God it was cold, but well worth the exercise and adrenaline. The surfers didn’t seem to want me out when I was paddling out, but after they saw me catch the first few waves… They seemed to respect a ‘bit’ more. Thanks Ross, SParki, and Chris for the major lessons… I’m need all I can get, that’s for sure!

Now,… I’m going to bed! It’s late and I’m tired!




P.s> Hope u like the pic’s 🙂

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  1. Lavender permalink

    Wow…! The pic. was so nice. ^^God bless.

  2. Lavender permalink

    By the way… I want to thank u.I have goodnews will tell u. Now I\’m DTS member, ha ha ha…!They said I\’m good student so I can take DTS in Dec. 29th. ^^Thank u pray 4 me.And… Mele kaliki maka n Hau oli maka hiki ho! (It\’s Hawaiian Merry Christmas n Happy New Year.)God bless.

  3. EVE permalink

    hey..I saw pics in Lydia\’s,what a beautiful weather in Florida.but…I still like SNOW..:P(cant wait to see)anyways…hope you have a wonderful Christmas day!God bless

  4. ISO permalink

    hey .. .thanks your Christmas card i like it Blessings to you and the family too ;)haha . . i can see i can see

  5. -JohnHendrickson- permalink

    Hey, Glad you like the card… I thought it would be funny! 🙂 I know… SO sOOOn!! I\’m happy you liked the pics! I\’m going to add some more in 5 minutes or so.. 😛 Hopefully God brings alot of snow when you and the team arrive! You\’re gettin good with your Hawaiian… Keep practicing, you\’ll be a philipino in no time! 😛 THANKS

  6. 天韻 permalink

    Marry Christmas to Mr. hendrickson la…Enjoy your Christmas dinner!!I wonder about is it any special programs in IHOP on Christmas Eve!God Blessing

  7. Coop permalink

    hey!my nameis Ashley Cooper…i\’m 16 years old and i came across your profile and it looked really interesting…..i am a huge christian and i love it when you say that you also love talking one-on-one to others about god\’s love….i would really like to talk to you sometime about it…

  8. EVE permalink

    hey John..Merry Christmas ^____^hope you have a great blessings

  9. EVE permalink

    great…..??ha~whatever you thinking..:P

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