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December 1, 2005
OOps.. Forgot to say happy thanksgiving! Then and
now is the time to be thankful. So, don’t hesitate! Ha…
The Christmas season is finally here. A time for Family,
A time for Love, A time for Laughter, A time for giving
and most of all, the time to celebrate Jesus’ birth and life!!
Thank you Lord for everything you’ve done during the time
you were on this earth and the time you’ve been in 
Heaven looking down on us with so much love, grace and
mercy! You’re the reason why I live and I thank you for
Today, I woke up around 11am, I got up and checked emails, made some Ego waffles for breakfast, had a couple beautiful glasses of water for my drink, Then… I cleaned/organized the garage and our back shed.
You could use the floor as a mirror it’s so clean! 🙂
As you can see I’m trying and starting to just get into the swing of things again!
Ps> I just like the picture… It’s not our christmas tree 😛

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  1. Unknown permalink

    hey, i found you through my friend Robert. And i love to read your stuff cuz its oozing with Jesus. thats all

  2. Unknown permalink

    Hey, i dont have an MSN blog but i have a blog somewhere else… check it out sometime if you want.=)

  3. EVE permalink

    hey John:I just see your message in my MSN\’s blog NOW.sorry…:P(it\’s too late) E.Y

  4. -JohnHendrickson- permalink

    No, problem… ! :PBlessings,John

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