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November 28, 2005

LAST leg!..

Our time in Hong Kong was splendid! We saw and experienced another side of Asia…

After every session In Hong Kong/Taiwan, people always wanted prayer and impartations… Just when you feel like you want to just sit and have a quite time, somebody would come to you and ask for prayer! Although tiring, it also felt great to see many of the adults and teens impacted by the prayers that we prayed over them. It ignited and stirred our own hearts while the Lord ministered and touched the individual’s heart. It’s a Great feeling when you can see the Lord moving through you!

After the first day of teachings, the following day had a considerable difference then the previous day. The people started singing, being freer in dance, as well as a ton of laughter during the meetings. Sometimes it seemed they couldn’t stop… do to some miss-translated phrases, but it definitely loosened the room…

After the second afternoon of clinics that Isaac and I taught. I heard from a few of the youth leaders, that our clinic gave their group of youth a whole other perspective that impacted their hearts greatly on worship and freedom with the harp & bowl idea’s that we imparted. It’s always encouraging to hear such reports!

Although Hong Kong was much more reserved on the front end. By the end, the Lord was moving and the relationships were growing, which made you ‘almost’ not want to go home!

~It seems like Hawaii was a few months ago and it feels Taiwan was over a month ago… The times have been fun and also used greatly! I guess time does fly when you’re having fun… ~

Now, here we (Chris, Julie, Isaac and I) are, sitting in the plane flying in the US from Asia. The expectation to see our families and just get home is so great! But at the same time I will miss the travels and moments I’ve experienced this past one and a half months. Can’t wait for more travels down the road!!

Thanks to everyone I know/don’t know who read this! May the Lord rest his hand on you and take you deeper into his presence!


John Hendrickson

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  1. EVE permalink

    hi Mr.Hendrickson:Nice to mee you…you have a awesome blog !!Miss Yang…:P

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