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November 13, 2005

Wow, the time here has been amazing! Ever since we first landed and
met up with friends at the airport, its been nothing, but a time of
growth in teaching and being able Imparting some of what the Lord has
given us, as well as an excellent time to get together with friends
that I haven’t seen since my family came out over 3 1/2 years ago.

Isaac, Myself, Chris and Julie… Have been treated like royalty!
Never a moment of, I wonder If I’m going to eat today or even the
thought of hunger in general. Eat Eat Eat, is the Chinese MODO! 🙂

The days of teaching at the conference, has been wonderful!
-The first day, we did a afternoon set of worship and teaching, later
that night Chris spoke and did a message on intimacy. Which many
people were impacted by.

-Day 2, we were all busy teaching classes and leading worship. Isaac
helped me out with a 3 hour clinic in the afternoon. We taught on
generally around rhythm, but Isaac did have a bass and taught a bit on
that. We had lots of questions and a ton of fun with laughter!

-Day 3, was pretty much a day of doing the Ihop model and getting
everyone "doing the stuff". Many people came up and sang. Quite a few
of the individuals sounded like they’ve been doing it for a while! It
gave a lot of encouragement for those doing and those who heard it was
their first time. Later that night, Isaac lead worship for probably
around 1,000 teens. We both shared our testimony, then Isaac gave a
message on "stepping into your destiny"! (Pretty cool for 19!!!)

-Day 4 (Sunday), Isaac and I went to a church in North Taipei. We
pretty much did the same thing as the night before, but didn’t lead
worship and we did nearly an hour of ministry time with almost
everyone in the church! ha… Amazing! Isaac and I were talk about
some of the people we prayed for, whom we had no idea what things they
were battling or circumstances the were here for, but the Lord seemed
to move on many of them with Tears, etc.. Many confirming words,
thanks and the invitation to come back anytime!

The rest of the day we’re just hanging out and getting ready to head
out for Hong Kong at 9am-ish on Monday. Can’t wait to see what the
Lord has in store the next week!

Thank you so much for the prayers and encouragement many of you have
given! Although this Email is the goods, there’s plenty of battle
going on. Please keep us in Your prayers for protection and spiritual
direction for this next week!

Yes, I miss my family! I love you!..Think of you everytime I see something weird on the NightMarket streets. I can’t wait to get home and try some home kooki’n for Thank-Givin! 🙂


John + Isaac

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  1. EVE permalink

    Thanks\’re back safe !!blessings..<><

  2. Lavender permalink

    Ah… you saw "MAYDAY"?They are my favorite team I like their music very much and the person especial the leader he\’s very handsome. >"<Ha ha ha…. how are you? I\’m here and everything is very good, and you?By the way… I know Eve and she know me too. Now we are best friend and somethime we will talk to each other. ^^Go bless.

  3. Lavender permalink

    Actually, just sometimes I\’m doing very well but sometimes I\’m not good.Like last night my old boyfriend he said something to me let me felt bad and I mad myself…God bless.

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