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November 3, 2005
Hello from John & Isaac!

Well, Our jurney in Kauai has been going fantastic! The day Isaac arrived we went to some incredible areas with waterfalls (that we jumped off), 25-30 ft jumping swimming hole’s (Which we did), as well as looked over this incredible view over looking some mountains in Lihue as the sun was setting in the background!

Ever since the first day I arrived (the 18th) as well as when Isaac arrived (the 25th), we’ve had nothing, but breathtaking views of the Lords great artistry as well as sheer power & strength! Looking over ridges of the Napali coast, up mountains into mountains as Mt Waialeale, through and over the deep blue sea waves or whatever the case may be, excites me every time I see it! Sometimes when Isaac is on his phone, I just nudge him and say… ISAAC, LOOK AT THAT!! As we both look, with our faces in a look of awe,

As far as worship meetings and getting together with people. We’ve been busy daily, whether it’s been meeting at practices for worship nights, food times with families or just hanging out with friends and new relationships… Its been so great getting back to the Ohana! Every moment here has deffinetly been a much needed experience for me as well as Isaac.

The 28th we had a night of worship/prayer with Mark Riley and it quite well. It was one of the larger meetings that I’d helped out with this time around. We started off with some fun type songs with dancing and stuff, worked are way down to a more recieving/intimate type style, then ended up with some prayer over the Island and various individuals as the worship built up to a ending type climax feel. A nice way to finish the night off! Great times, Great worship, Great people to be with!

Tonight Isaac and I lead worship for the youth at Kapa’a Missionary. (Isaac on Acoustic and vocals, Myself on Djembe and Vocals) It’s always great to just come into a room, start playing, and feel that the Lord is already there and has his hand on the whole night! .. We had great time of worship, Some of the youth had tears, some just great moments with the Lord in their own way. Later on, Jason Brown (The Youth pastor) had an alter call and I think somewhere around 6 renewed or for the first time excepted Christ! Then finished off with a little more Prayer and Worship. I have to say it again, nothing but amazing! 🙂

This Friday on Nov 4th, starting at 6pm Saturday at 6pm, churches on Kauai as well as some from other Islands are coming together to do a 24 hour time of Worship & Prayer ( Harp & Bowl Style ). Isaac and I will be helping out several teams, one of which will be the team that I (John) will be going with to Australia, in January and Febuary. So, be praying that the Lord would just rest his hand over this time and that God would just move in and have full control over and through every person who participates.

The 7th of November, we will both be leaving for 2 weeks. We’ll be in Taiwan and Hong kong ministering with/on Worship, Clinics, Teaching… We’re both very excited to see what the Lord has for us on the step of
this trip. We will be out of the country from Nov 7th – Nov 21st.

We both thank you so much for your prayers, incouragement, and thoughts while we are out and about!


John & Isaac

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  1. 天韻 permalink

    hi, John!I can not go to Taipei because I have mid-term exam and two presentations on Monday >_<Anyway, having nices days in Taiwan.^_^God Blessing

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