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October 24, 2005
Hey all!
Hope you’re having a good day!
I just loaded some pictures for your enjoyment! Hope you all like em’~
John Hendrickson 

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  1. EVE permalink

    nice pics too and touch!I think you are doing great there..^_____^God bless your everythingEve

  2. Mary Jean permalink

    Hey …make sure you guys have your tickets with you. I will get back to you guys with people\’s phone numbers etc so that when you get to HK for a day….you will know who to contact ….meeting with Julie tomorrow and finalizing your trip to TW and HK. Some changes taking places….for good thoughBlessings,MJ

  3. Unknown permalink

    Hey,Please put some pictures of Isaac on here.!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Unknown permalink

    Please help Isaac with a blog

  5. ISO permalink

    hey bean head !!!don\’t ……forget…… brings …….. IT !!!!!hahahahaha

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