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October 17, 2005

Hey, Kona … I guess I’m just going to get down to the point…

The day I arrived, Alister introduced me to many of the leaders and students on campus. As I was walking around, I instantly felt I was supposed to be here. Not Just how much everyone makes you feel like Ohana (family), which has moved and is still moving my heart constantly, but also the hunger and freedom in the students.

Later that night we did background worship in their prayer room, while Ryan and Alister lead the 30some people into a time of prayer. After one of the students came up and shared that they felt like they were going to be healed from fear of man, which many of them were struggling with (As with all of us). After this was said many gathered together and prayed over the girl and the Lord started moving in freedom with tears and crying out how hungry we all are!

The next morning, we did worship for the Worship school gathering. We started worship and the whole room instantly resumed with what was happening the night before!! Dance, Tears, Bowing before the Lord!.Truly amazing and encouraging..

After some rest and some "get to know the team" time. We got ready for a night service in the Ohana Court. (The Ohana(Family) court is a huge open pavilion w/ a stage, that holds over 1000 people.) This meeting was probably the best out of everyone meeting that’s happened here! .. it was intense!! Music Loud, People Cheering, People Dancing and Jumping, … So many types of personal worship to the Lord, was going on. Fantastic, once again!! πŸ™‚

Since these past meetings, we’ve had other gatherings as well, but they’ve been more of a teaching focus. Which the Lord has also moved on quite a bit…

~ If you would like to see the team that I have and will be working with, Go to: ~

YES, I have been going surfing and its been so epic! The waves and crystal blue water, have strengthened, once again, my sense of the Lords presence in nature and surroundings, just as when I was in Kaua’i before. It’s amazing some things you see or think about, that you may have never even imagined before… Oh, And I’m getting a tan!!

I’m sure.. You’re curious if I’ve been missing my family… Yes, I have! I’ve been thinking about them continuously. Especially yesterday, when some friends took me out to this BEAUTIFUL breakfast/coffee shack on the side of this mountain and I had biscuits and gravy with eggs Benedict.. Reminded me of mom’s good ol’ cookin! πŸ™‚

Tomorrow the 18th, I head off for Kauai, Hawaii and I’m looking forward to it. I’m Going to be able to see many friends and family while I’m there for the next 3 weeks..! πŸ˜‰ Isaac Meyer (a great friend) will be joining me on the 25th. So pray for all safe travels on his end. Oh… I guess my end too!.. πŸ˜‰


Hope you find this update, informing.


Aloha and Mahalo for reading,



John H.

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