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September 28, 2005
AlohA, Here I come!!
Well folks’ I just bought my tickets for Hawaii. I’m
Going to Kona and Kauai for a total of nearly 4
weeks! Sweet!~ I Can’t wait…
-In Kona from the 12th-18th of Oct:
I’ll be working along side Alister and Daniel.
Doing some worship where its needed and maybe
a few little other gig’s.
-In Kauai from the 18th-7th of Nov:
I’ll be working with youth groups and different
worship leaders on the Island, trying to create a
bit more unity where I can and to also have a
brauder vision for the rest of the island. And of
course I’ll be doing as much surfing and hanging
out as I can!
-In Taiwan from the 7th-14th of Nov:
A team of 4(Isaac Meyer, Myself, Julie Meyer,
Chris Dupre) from Ihop area will be ministering in
Taipei. Teaching clinics of worship, prayer, and
I’ll also be able to see many friends that I haven’t
seen in years! -__^
-In Hong Kong from the 14th-20th of Nov:
We’ll be doing pretty much the same thing as
Well.. Thats it for now! I’ll have more to come when it comes..:)
Your prayers for protection and guidence are greatly appreciated!
God Bless

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  1. Lavender permalink

    I saw your pictures, I think you played very fun!and I saw your response, thank you, I\’m fine and very safe, because I at Hawaii now, here is very pretty, I like here, ha ha…! see you in Hawaii.^^God bless.

  2. ISO permalink

    ha ha is me i coming <><

  3. 天韻 permalink

    hi,Looking forward your coming…Have fine in Hawaii ^_^ you know…God Bless

  4. 七肯 permalink

    hi…..maybe you alrealy knows who i am….did you see my pictures??…ooooooooooooooooooh>"<nononono….ohohoh….so funnyI feel embarrassing…○O○|||

  5. Lavender permalink

    hey you know. somebody didn\’t know you will come here, but just I know it\’s ok, because I will welcome you and feel very happy, then we can go to beach together, have many talk and I will introduce some my friends to you, ha ha… see you in Hawaii.Gid bless.

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