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September 15, 2005
Today is good. Tomorrow will be better!
Since 9ish, i’ve been recording with this guy from the other side of town. Good guy, good writer, old friend, not my type of music! haha..  Anyway’s, pays the bills. 
Tonight, in about 20 minutes. I head off to play drums for a meeting near downtown. After that I need to get back to IHOP by 9:15pm. So, I can play the 10-12am set. Good set by the way.
~Hope this short update informed you well.  
John Hendrickson

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  1. Mei Chen permalink

    It was a great set!!! So it was you playing the drums….both Tony and I were listening to the set. Good songs too.Hope you had a great day yesterday and that you will have an even better day today.I am sorry about the delay in the tickets…am still waiting for the credit card info. Will be working on it this weekend.MJ

  2. EVE permalink

    Hola….How have you been?hope you doing well…^______________^God bless,miss ya

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