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September 4, 2005
I thought I’d just give you all a few links of some things that are happening down around New Orleans.
May God’s protection and blessing pour out on the crews, people found, and the people that aren’t found yet!

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  1. Lauren permalink

    OMGoodness! Those pictures are crazy… I can\’t even imagine what they\’re all going through. Well, keep them in your prayers. God Bless.

  2. gc : ) permalink

    hey yaZ!! how are you doing ?? hehe.. do you have to go to school..? hum.. school started for me..n .. i m working soo hard on math.. bt.. still cant get it!! hahhaa ..lolz! SUMMER IS GONE!!! 0-0! o well~ keep in touch bah!! ^^

  3. gc : ) permalink

    hahah! thanks lah..yup ..actuali..yea.. its not tat bad !you know , yesterday i got a 100+10 on my math!! super super happy.. ( its jst home work grade..cuz id id the optional questions..haha ) ..well.. our yourhgroup starts this saturday.. soo excited.. well..haha..its at our house..since we dont realli have a place for chruch meetings.. ^^ um huh~ so.. sup with you?? everything fine? hehe! u know.. my mum always listens to your brothers CD the one.. n.. i guess she reali reali like it alot..n.. same here! haha.. i think.. its.. awesuM!! okie..>< i have to do a presitation tomrro><!!waaa! n.. im workin reali hard tryin to get in ASB yea.. okie okie! god bless ya o! 8181

  4. 天韻 permalink

    Hi, today you give me your web address, i can not see strange…can you give me again

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