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September 1, 2005
So, today has been a little slow as far as activities go, but I have been a somewhat busy with various phone-calls and conversations, regarding ‘future’ oppritunities. 
I’m in a hesitent state, … waiting for something, not sure what though.. Maybe I’ll just wait for God to show me.
OH!, I had an interesting dream last night. Right now, the Gas prices have been going up alot in the last 6 months. Kansas city is $3.00 a gallon! And I think that’s why I had this dream.
Anyways, I had this dream that this: Long haired guy, ran a fueling business in the back of a little shack/house. To me, It seemed like he wasn’t supposed to be doing it. (Like undercover or illegal) As people would drive up in their car, he would say its cheap today $1.11 and the people would say.. Fill it up. The weird thing was, is that he was only able to fill up the reserve(2nd fuel tank) gas tank in the car. Many people didn’t have the reserve tank on their car, but nobody seemed mad if they couldn’t get the cheap gas. While he would fill up the reserve tank, he’d smile as he was filling it up, even when he would fill it so much that it splashed out of the gas filling hole with the extra gas just landing on the dirt ground.
I’m not for sure what it means, but i feel pretty safe to say that it has some prophetic meanings in it. $1.11 probably means something, the Gas spilling over, may have an interpretation of psalm 23:5-6, the man may be the holy spirit or the father… Who knows… So, if you have any idea’s… feel free to let me know. I’d love to hear any thoughts.
K, guess thats it. God Bless and take care
-John Hendrickson

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  1. Mei Chen permalink

    Awesome Dream…..I think you need to ask your dad what it means and maybe I will share it with Deb L and also Rhonda Calhoun…she might be able to interpret the dream. Anyways, just dropping a note to say "I am sorry about last night". When Tony came to pick me up, he was dead tired and then we sat in the living room waiting for your session to end and somehow both of us got so tired and we went to sleep. This morning we heard that your message….so sorry …I goofed….will make it up to you next time…ok???

  2. 天韻 permalink

    Hey,manLong time no talk on msn^_^How are you doing these day?! I think you have a color life through your photo…ha, I have my own blog, that\’s because I would like share my trip of USA with my\’s a awesoem trip, I meet so many kinds of school will start next week, so I will busy again.I miss my deer very much>_<take care

  3. EVE permalink

    hey…I put some pics on my bloghope you like~~~blessings

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