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July 24, 2005
Yesterday afternoon till like 1am me and my brother look played at a Halo party at my cousins. We’re not big players, but near the end we played the last game of the night and we whooped the other team bad. I had like 98kills, my cousin robert 240kills, my bro 78, and another friend 142kills or something… We were playing capture the flag and it was a bloody massacre. We just taunted them, waving the flag around and crazy stuff like that… FUN! ha..Xbox, games… whats this world coming to. ha
On a side note, Doing I’m doing my normal IHOP sets, as well as, filling in for people on their sets at IHOP that they cannot attend to. 
Today, woke up like at 12pm. At 2pm, Luke, Lydia and I went to a wedding reception. It was good to see our friends there and chat with them. Afterwords the Hartley’s and us kids played with all the little beach balls that were around the room and hit eachother with them (They had the beach balls, cause the feel of the reception was to replicate their honeymoon in Cancun Mexico.) Kinda weird and maybe a little rude for a reception, but everyone seemed to be having a great time. ha
Oh, I layed some drum tracks down for this kids movie thats coming out.. It’s me(drums) and Isaac(bass), doin some short grooves.  I’m looking forward to hearing the clips on top of the movie. (I’m ‘not’ sure where there placing it within the DVD… Like the credits, intro, or during, but it will be cool non-the-less.)
Well! Guess thats it. Luv’s to you’s

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