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July 11, 2005
So, all last week I was busy with helping remodeling this lady’s house. I was doing like scraping off old paint and doing some priming type painting(the paint before the final paint) for preperation later this week. The job of scraping was awesome, cause it gave me plenty of time to think of so many other better things I could be doing 😛
Saturday morning, We had 16-18 Taiwanese teens come to our house for a Harp&Bowl type workshop. Had a great time. They did a few of their songs with dances and got us to dance with them. Also in some of the break times, some of them tought me some more chinese things… Umm, But I can’t remember them now. I think the sheet of paper they wrote on got thrown in the trash 😦 If I ever heard it again, I would remember it though! ha..
Saturday Afternoon, I went with my dad to a mens group that him and another friend(Bob Hartley) are starting. It went really good. The focus of it is really towards Spiritual growth and success in God and in the world.(Theres more than that, but thats the basics of what I know to say.)  There were some times of prophetic going on and exertation.
Saturday night, I went downtown(30minute drive) to play for an inner city church. The pastor and the rest of the family(Daughter leads the worship, mom plays backup keys), we have known for a long time. So, it was great. I enjoyed getting together again.
On the way home stopped by this Jazz club, saw a good drummer friend of mine and talked to him for awhile.
Drove home, on the way home though, I stopped at a BBQ sandwich place! Mmm, Local style stuff.
SUNDAY!!! FREE DAY! ALL DAY.. after falling asleep saturday night at 10:30pm, I woke up at 12:30pm the next day. 14hr’s of sleep! I must have needed it.  At like 1, I went out to eat with my cousin, Robert, and just hung with him all day. After lunch, we went to the pool, then came home and played a few games of Halo 😉
Today…I have an appointment for my new glasses (for reading) that came into the store. I have to go and get them fitted to my appropriatedness (Wow.. new word.ha) 
Later, I have 3 drum students that I will be teaching. Right after the students, I’ll be going over to IHOP to play for another youth night for the 250 teens that are here for summer camp.
Hmm.. pretty much the rest of this week I will be working on painting that house. Trying to get a little more income.
Guess thats it. Lovin ya’llz tons and God bless!

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