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June 17, 2005

Just finished a 10-12am rockin IHOP set. It went quite swell and smoOOooth. Rocky, Indian stuff, Latin, Trip-hop.. we jam’d it all!

Since Monday, I’ve been teaching this youth music intensive. I’m the rhythm teacher of course… 🙂  As you can see in the pics, there’s a bunch of kids and for me I have fun with kids, but trying to keep them in-line and to pay attention, it gets pretty crazy. Not to look down at all though.. The kids are doing exceptionally well! Tomorrow we’ll do a recital for any of their friends or parents. It should be fun and I’ll try to post some more photos.

K, Laterz!

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  1. Unknown permalink

    哇. .. . 是 JoHN 老師耶 !!! Hello Mr. John 😉 我在你的相簿裡看見你教導小朋友節奏真是太cool了!!!!anyway ,Long time no see (((((( owes punches the boy hehe. ..I just wanted to say HI ~ 881

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