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June 4, 2005

Howdy, Ya’ll!

This past week, since Tuesday, I’ve been in Branson Missouri (the South part) with my Family, Grandparents and Uncle. This city is kinda like a ‘little’ Las Vegas with dinner shows and theme parks. The Mojority of the trip was just PURE vacation, which we were all needing. We stayed about 15 minutes outside of town in a cabin/house right next to the main lake there in Branson. We did all kinds of stuff like… went to see some shows, boating on the lake, played in the pool, watched some movies in our living room, and last but not least, SLePt! 

As of right now… I’m using a cell phone adaptor to connect to the net while we’re on the way home. I think we have about 2 1/2 hours of driving left.

This next week is going to be a little busy again… Monday I have Piano lessons in the morning and in the afternoon I have two drum students. Tuesday I’m going to see if I can get some work done in a basement with a guy here in KC, later Tuesday my grandparents come and stay with us for almost a week(I think). Wednesday I have a 4-6pm and a 12-2am set at IHOP. Thursday I have a set at IHOP at 10pm-12am. Friday, a friend of mine is getting married.. so, I’m gonna go attend his wedding. Umm, I have other little things, but can’t remember them right now.

Anyways.. Just checking in and telling you the latest! Love to all!


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  1. 馬大 permalink

    r u sure "a little busy".I don\’t thing so!

  2. EVE permalink

    haha..hope everything\’s well^__^God blessaloha~~

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