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April 13, 2005

13 more days left.. In one way, I’m looking forward to going back, but in another way, I’m a bit bumbed. I’m just now getting to know many of the people here and relationships I’ve made are growing. I guess now, I’ll just have to come back every so often=)  Kaua’i Rocks! (except, you could have a couple high rise buildings:P) 

Todays been good so far. This morning started off at 8:30am with a weekly prayer meeting at our(some friends of ours, the metzgers) house with whoever wants to join. Usually 10 or so end up coming. This afternoon I went surfing with a friend down on the south side at Poipu beach. It was quite a fun time… The tide was super low. so, when your going down the wave, you can see the boils on the water from the reaf a foot or less down! Dangerous, yes, Fun, Extremely! ha..   Tonight, I’ll be going to a party for a bit, then will be going to help out with worship at a youth group in Kapa’a.

Tomorrow.. is a free day. I may go golfing with a friend and my brother. And if I have time I may go surfing after.  Tomorrow night we have another home group meeting. Free style worship, ministry,teaching… whatever goes, goes.

Keep prayin’ for us when you can.

God Bless,

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  1. Shaun permalink

    just browsing the blogs.. just wanted to say whats up and cool pics, let ya know I was checkin your page out. way cool

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