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April 4, 2005

I got my camera replaced…. Finally!  So, I’ll be loading tons of pics here on my blog the last weeks we have here on Hawaii.

We’ve been doing quite a few meetings and God’s showing up at all of them!  Last night we did a free-worship meeting at a church in Lihue. It went really well. 2 people got healed, others healed emotionaly, and alot of tears. Good stuff.

Last weekend (saturday morning at 2-4am) I helped lead a session at a 24hour, Ihop style, prayer meeting.  The 2-4 session was a Hip-hop, R&B,  sounding set. I was on drums, With a Mic, I sampled sounds onto one of my machines… and kinda led the music part. We had a scratch(tables) guy that did some nice stuff and also had like 6-10 prayers periodically coming up to the mic, praying over the Island, Youth, breaking walls between denominations and leaders, ETC.. It was really a great time.

Today, Is a free day! The family and I are thinking about going out and having a picnic, then I’m thinking I might do some more Body-Boarding afterwards(surfing). I got the Surfin’ Bug =)


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