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February 28, 2005

Aloha ke’a kua! God is love…
Things have been going awesome! I’ve been doing so many things between last time to now, it’s hard to remember what all I’ve done, but I’ll try to remember the highlights! 😉

 – Wow, I’m coming to a blank. Oh… Had an great city wide conference last week. The mayor (who just got saved about 3 weeks ago) got up and spoke about how "this island needs to be God’s island", "how many things are changing throughout the island/islands", and " How much he thanks God that everyone has been praying for him for him to meet the lord". While saying all this stuff he started weeping and could hardly speak… Let me say, when was the last time your mayor got up in your city and wept about things like this!? God is doing something here and I’m so thankful to be in the midst of it! I’m still in aw over the whole thing… 
During that conference, I played a couple sets with Dad, Lydia, Scott V, as well as quite a few from the church. Meetings went great, especially the 2nd one we led. God showed up with tears and quite a bit of freedom… Good stuff.  Also, on the last night (Sunday night) I played with the local house church band and we did some killer black gospel stuff! ( Oom pa Oom pa, stuff.. Drummer language=) so fast, many Accents, but easy people to learn from… grace grace: P

– I think this blog has a crazy amount of run on sentences and non-congruent structures, but to tell you the truth… I don’t really care! HA anyways…

Isaiah and I did a special for this worship/leaders/anybody conference.  We did our Rap thing… The 200 people or so in the room engaged more than expected. Thanks Aba. God’s still opening more and more doors with this street ministry thing… I still don’t know what to call it. If you want more info, I think I put a bunch of what it was about in an older blog.  (I’m to tired)

Oh, today, Went to Polihole on the west coast for about 3 hours. Did some boogie boarding on some wicked on shore breaks! Got knocked around a bit, but that’s what the whole surfing/boogie boarding is about right? "DIrty Lickins" Ha!   

Right now its 12:47am. I’m typing for this blog, everyone is asleep, and Lydia left the TV on playing "Napoleon dynamite". I’m laughing occasionally from the stupidity of it all! Crazy!

OK, I think I’m just talking for no reason now. So, I better let you go.
Have a good day and God bless,

P.s.. I added a few more pics in the Hawaii picture section.


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    wOw ! Your two both use Chinese to converse . . . good job

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