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February 4, 2005

Aloha fellow friends and comrades! 😛 Things are quite well. Still as usual, I am busy doing different prayer/worship type meetings. God seems to be opening up quite a few doors for me with different younger leaders on Kaua`i, which is a PLUS! (Thank you Yesu!)

Last night stayed at a friend’s house (whom we, my sister and I, have been staying at every Wednesday night for the past 3 weeks… I think we’ll make it a Wednesday night tradition. Will see :). Woke up this morning at around 9am and another new friend of mine Isaiah (great rapper/song writer!), joined us for some breakfast, which consisted of Spam, Rice, and Eggs. Yes, I know it’s weird to have spam and rice for breakfast, but in Hawaii it’s the thing to do… SO I join with them and I’m starting to like it!! Ha… ok enough rambling.  

This afternoon a pastor from the south side of the island was looking for someone to do this little video’d skit for his sermon, probably about the flood or something, coming this Sunday. FYI. Kaua`i has been getting a lot of rain lately, so a lot of ditches and areas where water wasn’t normally… Now has about a foot of water. Anyways.. I ended up borrowing and riding a friend’s kayak while the friend and a couple others (Sister included) taped me. I had to dress up like a tourist!! AHhh.. How embarrassing. Oh, what am I talking about; I love to do things like this! Ha.  Maybe if I can get a copy of the video after this Sunday, I’ll see if I can show you how good I looked! 😉

Friday, Late afternoon. My dad and I will be playing with, yes again, "a friend" (Should I just start saying names from now on?) from the north shore, on Hanalei-bay pier. (North shore area). I think we’re going to do some worship stuff, but since it’s outside and in public we may do a bit of just grooving, for maybe some people that don’t agree with or maybe just don’t like worship stuff (But we’ll be worshiping the whole time.. I guess we’ll get them one way or another:)

Hmm… Let’s see…   Temp is perfect here. I’m sitting outside listening to the ocean and the breeze ‘wisp’ through the tree tops. (It’s like 12:30am now)

If you could just keep our family in prayer, things we are doing, and the people on the Island, that would be fantastic! 

Blessings on you!! 



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  1. Tea permalink

    Hey John! You need to go read my new blog that I just did… it\’s really long but it\’s pretty serious. It was scary. Very horrible car accident, and now I can barely move at all. LOL. Anyways, e-mail me, it\’s much more easy than this… if you have msn instant messenger you can just add me on that too if you want. My e-mail: peaches_n_cream0001@hotmail.comI\’ll talk to you later.-Tamera Marie-

  2. -JohnHendrickson- permalink

    Hey, Tam.. Wow.. a car accident! Sorry! I pray God will heal you quickly! Will catch up sometime soon.. I g2gJohn

  3. -JohnHendrickson- permalink

    Eve! Ohana means family! Great Job… you have a great memory! 😉 I will tell them Hello. — Oh, My, Gosh! Your hair!! Its Great! but also so different.. I will get used to it. 🙂 Sorry, but I have to go now! grrrr…. BlessingsJohn

  4. -JohnHendrickson- permalink

    EVE EVE EVE!! again… Hey, Cool Necklace! also, tell Jessica, Alik, Vicky, Nice hair styles! =)Blessings to you all once again! haJohn

  5. Tea permalink

    John, do you have msn instant messenger? If so add me: it\’d be easier to talk sometimes. blessings, Tams

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