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January 21, 2005

Yo, brada’s and sistah’s. You be fine I hope.? I be fine (Pigeon language)

Things are going really well. For the last 2 days I’ve been to 4 different meetings whether by myself, just my dad, or the whole fam. The meetings have mostly consisted of normal type prayer meetings and relating to different leaders and/or pastors.   … Let’s see …

Today, my sis and I went to poipu (the south shore) and went snorkeling with a local friend who pretty much knows everything there is to know about this island and all that surrounds it. 😛 We saw tons of different fish, included on the list many varieties was the Hawaii state fish named the: humu humu nuku nuku apu a’ a’ (say that fast 5 times. I learned it after saying it about 7,579 times today:).   
Also, Yes, I’m starting to show a bit of a tan after being out all day. 😉

Tomorrow I’m going to a practice at noon for a Sunday morning church service gig.  You know what they say "Practice makes perfect" and just "Practice Practice Practice". (Hmm I’m feeling dumb. lol) anyways… at this practice, I’ll also be able to mess around on my new kit I bought! It’s a Gretsch Catalina club kit. (A nice small drum kit that you can nearly take or play anywhere.)

Hmm.. In the midst or writing this nonsense update. There has been these little annoying fly things crawling on the computer screen.   

Be sure to keep us in your thoughts and prayers! (even though it may seem we’re one step away from heaven)



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