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December 23, 2004

Well.. hmm.
This morning I went to IHOP from 9:30-12 to replace somebody on drums. Came home made a turkey sandwich. Worked on some emails. then at 5:30-8pm played a normal schedualed session at IHOP.  Both of the sessions turned out being really quite well, but I was so tired and have been tired to feel much of the "anointing". I know God still was moving in the room while I wasn’t feeling it. Thank you..     Oh.. after the session, Came home and met with my grandma, who is in from Florida, and opened some gifts she bought for us.  Thank God for grandparents.. HA.. I love em’ to death!   …hmm.. Maybe I should just love them always. 🙂

I guess thats it for today! Have a good one.  I need sleep!


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  1. EVE permalink

    hey..I sent the gift today:Dhope you like it…(I hope you get it soon)have a nice…SLEEP

  2. -JohnHendrickson- permalink

    Wow, Cant wait! … Thanks!I had a great sleep! I set my alarm for 11am, but I fell back asleep and slept till 12pm. I think I needed that little extra sleep. :)Blessings

  3. ISO permalink

    Merry X \’ mas & Happy new year ! ! ! !

  4. 阿力克 permalink

    祝你聖誕快樂..你打鼓實在是越來越厲害,願上帝再更多大大賜福予你和你所做的每一件事!!PS. is Chinese..hope you can understand!!

  5. EVE permalink

    hey..Merry christmas n Happy New Year..:D

  6. 愷茵 permalink

    hey friend…I wish you have great christmas day with your family…god bless……

  7. -JohnHendrickson- permalink

    Hey thanks all! … Ps. alik.. Thanks also! I understand 😛

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